Maximise your chances of success / reduce the risk of failure with these 3 steps.
Start a Project
Start a Project

Step 1 | Define

To understand what the customer’s problem is we collect qualitative insights via:
  • Customer interviews
  • Usability tests
  • Competitive analysis
  • Online surveys

We then analyse and work on the results together using:
  • Affinity diagrams
  • Customer journey maps

Step 2 | Design & Test

Design the first screens and interactions to test out key insights and ideas from stage 1
  • Sketch first screens on paper
  • Flow diagrams in Figma for interactions
  • Test the main flow with customers

Step 3 | Prototype & Refine

Based on the learnings from step 2, create the first screens and interactions using three different fidelities:
  1. Low fidelity prototype:
    • Wireframe, static screens design in black and white(Figma or Adobe XD)

  2. Medium fidelity prototype:
    • Clickable screens in black and white using Figma or Adobe XD

  3. High fidelity prototype:
    • Complete visual design and interactions using
Usability tests are conducted for each prototype iteration to learn from customers' feedback.

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