Online Hotel booking | More then an experience an odyssey

By Hugo Galuppo
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April 01, 2022
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Online Hotel booking | More then an experience an odyssey

The Brief

Uwazzi Travel is a booking Mobile Web application designed for a fictional hotel as part of a Professional Diploma in UX Design course with the UX Design Institute.

The client is a new hotel. They’re looking to create an online booking experience that is simple, accessible, and based on a deep understanding of their target users. They implemented a pre-made template to be up and running the fastest as possible, but people quit the booking process and complained about the poor online experience. Bad reviews had grown on the web.


Understand why people are quitting the process and how we can improve the online booking experience.


Product designer to research, analyse and design a frictionless experience for their online booking process.

The Problem

Web analytics has shown that potential clients are dropping the booking process, but they don’t know why.

Problem assumption from UX research

Research has shown that people struggle to

  • Locate a hotel in the desired area
  • Booking a room for next year

Possible solution

  • Improve hotel location experience with a map
  • Design a frictionless calendar to pick dates in the future

The user story and personas for the prototype

His name is Paul full-time midwife. He is 25 and has just gotten married to Jessica, 26. She works as a carpenter, and they live in Newquay, Cornwall, UK. Paul wants to offer Jessica a one week holiday to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary next year in September. Paul intends to book now because, with his crazy schedule at the hospital, he needs to book 1 year in advance.

The dates are from 7th-11th September 2023. He wants the cheaper room possible in the best location, so they can spend their money in restaurants and Thai massages. The hotel needs to offer:

  • Lowest price for the room
  • Free cancellation
  • Free breakfast
  • Possibility to pay on arrival
  • Option to book a Thai massage
  • Location close to the beach

The full Design process

Online Survey

Competitive Benchmark

Usability tests

12th to 19th, you said ?!

Usability test

Note Taking from the usability test

Affinity Diagram

Customer journey map

Flow Diagram

Interaction Design | Sketch


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