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Inspired by people, I am cultivating ideas using technology and innovation.
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My Story

The journey from IT technician to experience design.

From day one, fifteen years ago, I never stopped wondering:
  • How can I help more people at the same time?
  • How can I deliver a more impactful experience?
I started as an IT technician.

That's where I built customers' empathy, being on-site with people fixing their problems. I clearly felt the need to improve the end-user experience.

I rapidly moved from system engineer position to design and implementation of systems at their origin. Five years on the server side and five years on the workstation side. I focused on automatizing the complicated technical tasks to one-click and deploying it (operating system and applications).
Nonetheless, I felt restricted by the tools we needed to use in a corporate ecosystem and away from the customer reality.

The closer I am to the customer, the better I feel!

Building web products was a way to test my skills outside the well-controlled and organized corporate network. That's why I changed to be a web application developer for two years. Developing web applications from scratch directly with customers.
My journey focused on experience design just started. I am excited to offer my unique experience, combining 10 years of managing IT projects, debugging users issues, listening, and giving my best to improve the digital experience.

Why Uwazzi?

Sharing projects and stories are essential. A digital garden is one of the ways to do that.
Uwazzi is the gate to transparency, openness, and curiosity.
I found the inspiration for this adventure while living in Kenya. Uwazi is a Swahili word that means openness (receptivity to new things).


  • Professional Diploma in UX Design
  • Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Web Programming, HarvardX
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies in Project Management, University of Geneva
  • Information and Communication Technology, part time degree
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